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2004Amadeus Basin seismic interpretation project-NTGS Record 2004-011thumbnail.jpg2 files
1999Landsat 7 : NT Scene 104/68-104/69- 105/69 mosaic--thumbnail.jpg 
20071:250 000 geological map series BMR explanatory notes of the Northern Territory: compilation-NTGS Special Publication 3SpecialPub3.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Amadeus Central : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Amadeus_Central_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2001Pargee, Northern Territory : sheet 4758--PargeeGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Tanami, Northern Territory : interpreted geology--TanamiInterpGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Pargee, Northern Territory : interpreted geology--PargeeInterpGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Tanami, Northern Territory : sheet 4858--TanamiGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
20071:100 000 geological map series BMR explanatory notes of the Northern Territory: compilation-NTGS Special Publication 4thumbnail.jpg1 file
2001Waterloo : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Waterloo_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2000West Arnhem : magnetics and radiometrics survey--WestArnhem_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2007Phosphate testing of waterbores and diamond drillcore in the Georgina, Wiso and Daly basins, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2001Eromanga : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Eromanga_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2006Tiwi Islands : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Tiwi_Islands_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2000Wiso : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Wiso_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2002Buchanan : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Buchanan_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2004Simpson : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Simpson_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg6 files
2002Georgina : magnetics and radiometrics survey--thumbnail.jpg4 files
2007Tanumbirini : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Tanumbirini_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2001Barkly : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Barkly_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg3 files
2004Jervois : magnetics and radiometrics files
2000Mary River : magnetics and radiometrics files
2000Bauhinia : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Bauhinia_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2008Magnetic depths of the Northern Territory--NTMagneticDepths.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Sturt : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Sturt_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg2 files
2007Bring forward discovery: review of NT exploration investment attraction programs 1999-2007 and recommendations for future strategies and work-NTGS Record 2007-005NTGSRec2007-005.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 107/ file
2000Palaeoproterozoic stratigraphy and correlations of the Tanami Region, Northern Territory - preliminary results--thumbnail.jpg 
2001Some tectonothermal surprises in the Eastern Arunta Province--thumbnail.jpg 
2002NTGS exploration initiative : 1998-2002-NTGS Record 2002-008NTGSRec2002-008.pdf.jpg1 file
2000Operations and logistics report, Mt Doreen, Mt Liebig and Mackay/Rennie airborne geophysical survey, NTGS 1998 (flown by AGS)-NTGS Record 2000-008NTGSRec2000-008.pdf.jpg1 file
2009Geochemical and isotopic discrimination methods for Neoarchaean and Palaeoproterozoic rocks in western Arnhem Land, Pine Creek Orogen: Applications for uranium exploration--thumbnail.jpg 
2002NTGS geophysical programs: the state of play at three-quarter time--thumbnail.jpg 
2005Common threads in the Pine Creek, Tanami and Tennant Creek Au-mineral systems: can we sew up new exploration strategies?--thumbnail.jpg 
2008Overview of the geology and mineral potential of the Entia Dome, Eastern Arunta Region--thumbnail.jpg 
2004Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project : August 2003 - December 2003-NTGS Record file
2000Operations and processing report, Bonney Well airborne survey, NTGS 1999 (flown by AGS, covering parts of Bonney Well, Lander River and Frew River 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 103/76 (02/04/00) file
2003Expanding the Tennant Region: mapped and interpreted geology of the Mount Peake and Lander River 1:250 000 sheets--thumbnail.jpg 
2002Guide to NTGS authors-NTGS Record 2002-001NTGSRec2002-001.pdf.jpg1 file
2002Geology of the Tanami Region--thumbnail.jpg 
2000Operations and processing report, South Lake Woods airborne survey, NTGS 1999 (flown by Kevron Geophysics, covering parts of South Lake Woods, Newcastle Waters and Beetaloo 1:250 000 map sheets)-NTGS Record 2000-003NTGSRec2000-003.pdf.jpg1 file
2006Summary of results. Joint NTGS-GA geochronology project : Pine Creek Orogen and Arunta Region January - June 2004-NTGS Record 2006-005NTGSRec2006-005.pdf.jpg1 file
2001Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/76 (20/08/99) file
2006Northern Territory regolith project: a successful completion--thumbnail.jpg 
2007Geochemistry of mafic rocks in the Litchfield Province, western Pine CreekOrogen: Evidence for a Palaeoproterozoic arc-related setting and links to the Halls Creek Orogen--thumbnail.jpg 
2004Geology of the Musgrave Block--MusgraveGeol500k.pdf.jpg2 files
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 103/78 (21/06/00) file
2004The Daly River Mineral Field--thumbnail.jpg 
2005Central Australian Basins Symposium 2005: Amadeus Basin excursion guide-NTGS Record file
Results 1-50 of 409 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).