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Title: EL 9976, Wonarah Annual report for the year ending 5th February, 2000
Title Holder / Company: Rio Tinto Exploration
Report id: CR2000-0071
Tenure: EL9976
Year: 2000
Author: Cotton, BJ
Abstract: The report summarises work completed including a prefeasibility study and a geological assessment of the Wonarah Phosphate resource. The prefeasibility study is based on existing open file drill hole data, assuming mining and economic parameters. It was identified a global resource estimate of 1955Mt at 14.4% P202. Better grades, thickness and lateral extents of phosphorite beds are located within the southwestern edges of the suspected graben features. The resources identified averaging about 9m thick are located at depth between 30 and 50 m below the surface. The Wonarah Phosphate resource as all Australia's phosphate resources is deposited within undeformed, flat dipping Middle Cambrian strata of the Georgina Basin, centrally located within the Basin albeit on the eastern flank of a north northeast trending basement ridge. The deposit is identified to be large but low grade. The maximum grade is 28.6 % P202.. The deposit is currently no viable and there is no immediate exploration potential within the bounds of the existing resource. Further exploration is recommended south of the area previously drilled.
Date Added: 13-Nov-2015
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