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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2012Well Completion Report Shenandoah-1A (Re-entry, Completion and Stimulation of Shenandoah-1A) EP98 Beetaloo Basin Northern Territory AustraliaFalcon Oil & Gas Australia; SweetpeaPR2012-00119 files
2011Johnstone West 1 Well Completion Report Basic Data EP 115 19th August - 20th September 2010 Northern TerritoryCentral PetroleumPR2011-00813 files
2011Ooraminna 2 Well Completion Report Basic Data EP 82 Northern TerritoryCentral PetroleumPR2011-0080 
2014Well Completion Report New Crown 1Tri-Star EnergyPR2014-005212 files
2012MacIntyre-2H Well Report Part 1 and 2PetroFrontierPR2013-00019 files
2012Surprise 1 Re-Entry Well Completion Report (Basic)Central PetroleumPR2012-004010 files
2014Mt Kitty 1 Basic Well Completion ReportSantosPR2015-00104 files
20142013 Amy 2D Seismic Survey - Final Operatons Report - Seismic Acquisition & ProcessingStatOil Australia; Baraka Energy; PetroFrontierPR2014-00643 files
2013Glyde 1 - Gas Analysis Report & DataArmour EnergyPR2016-W0093 files
2012Well Completion Report Glyde #1 ST1, EP171 McArthur Basin Northern Territory, AustraliaArmour EnergyPR2012-00379 files