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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
20142013 Amy 2D Seismic Survey - Final Operatons Report - Seismic Acquisition & ProcessingStatOil Australia; Baraka Energy; PetroFrontierPR2014-00643 files
20142013 McArthur Seismic Reprocessing - ReportSantos; Tamboran ResourcesPR2014-00813 files
2014AMSAN13B Seismic Survey, 2013 Southern Amadeus 2D Processing ReportSantosPR2014-00711 file
20152015 Avago 2D Seismic Survey - Processing and Field Operations ReportPangaea Resources; EMG Northern Territory HoldingsPR2017-G0012 files
20122012 Pellinor 2D Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition & Processing ReportsMerlin Energy; Central PetroleumPR2012-00385 files
20122012 Armour AMAC Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition & Processing ReportArmour EnergyPR2012-00234 files
2014MCSAN13 2D SS 2013 (McArthur Seismic Survey) - Acquisition & Processing ReportsSantosPR2014-00094 files
20122013 Surprise 3D Revised PSDM - Processsing Report and Support dataCentral PetroleumPR2014-00591 file
2015AMSAN13B Seismic Survey, 2013 Southern Amadeus 2D PSDM Trial - Processing ReportSantosPR2016-G0071 file
2012Surprise 3D Seismic Survey 2012Central PetroleumPR2013-00325 files