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1982BNT81 Bonaparte Seismic Survey - Seismic Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation ReportsAustralian Aquitaine Petroleum; Alliance Petroleum International; VamgasPR1982-00786 files
-1984 Spirit Hill Seismic Survey - Hardcopy DataVamgas; Alliance Petroleum InternationalPR0027-00013 files
-1963 Pearce Point Seismic Survey - Digital dataAustralian Aquitaine PetroleumPR0025-0001 
1995Sunbird-1 Well Completion Report Appendix 6: Palynology Report Sunbird-1Teikoku OilPR1995-00801 file
1961Oil Development NL Well Completion Report Spirit Hill No.1 Oil Permit 3Westralian OilPR1961-00125 files
1995Sunbird-1 Well Completion ReportTeikoku OilPR1995-00352 files
1994Sunbird-1 Well Completion Report Appendix 7: Petrographic Analysis Sunbird-1Teikoku OilPR1995-00811 file
19871987 Weaber Seismic Survey - Digital DataSantosPR1987-00892 files
-1984 Spirit Hill Seismic Survey - Digital DataAlliance Petroleum International; VamgasPR0027-00027 files
1979Onshore Bonaparte Gulf Basin Surface and Subsurface mapping of Southern Part of the OP 186, Northern TerritorySantosPR1987-00121 file