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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2011Johnstone West 1 ST1 Well Completion Report Interpretive Data EP 115 19th August - 20th September 2010 Northern TerritoryCentral PetroleumPR2011-01083 files
2014West Mereenie 19 Well Completion ReportSantos AustraliaPR2014-00204 files
2014Basic Well Completion Report OzBeta 1, EP127 South Georgina Basin, Northern Territory, AustraliaStatOilPR2014-00442 files
2013AMSAN13B Seismic Survey, 2013 Southern Amadeus 2D Acquisition ReportSantosPR2014-00581 file
2015EP144, EP153 & EP154 Ground Gravity Surveys - Acquisition & Processing ReportJacaranda Minerals; Minerals Australia; Hancock ExplorationPR2016-G0011 file
2014AMSAN13B Seismic Survey, 2013 Southern Amadeus 2D Processing ReportSantosPR2014-00711 file
2012Kilgour North 1 - Gas Analysis Report & DataArmour EnergyPR2016-W0102 files
20112011 Emma 2D Seismic Survey Ross Infill - Digital DataPetroFrontier; StatOil Australia; TexaltaPR0003-0001 
2011Mereenie Trial 2D Seismic Survey 2011 - Digital DataSantos; Central PetroleumPR2011-01592 files
20122010 Ross Owen 2D Seismic Survey - Digital DataPetroFrontierPR0004-0001