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Title: Annual and final technical report for GR123 Glasshouse, EL 26310, EL 26311, EL 26312 and EL 26701 for the period 8 April 2008 to 24 October 2013
Title Holder / Company: Australis Exploration
Report id: CR2013-0837
Tenure: EL26310;  EL26311;  EL26312;  EL26701
Year: 2013
Author: Chai, A
Abstract: The project is located within the Georgina Basin which is prospective for uranium and phosphate rock mineralisation within Middle Cambrian shallow marine sediments. Geophysical data review and evaluation, field reconnaissance and soil sampling were completed. Observation of the radiometric anomalism on the investigated Glasshouse tenements shows levels that are not significant enough to be an effective exploration tool in this part of the Georgina Basin and as such it's weighting as an exploration vector has been downgraded. Radeye scintillometer readings put total counts per second radiometric background levels for the Glasshouse project area at an average of 10-15cps, while the observed readings at anomalous area are in the range of 20-25cps resulting in an anomalism of barely double background levels. The expected radiometric response for Cambrian phosphatic sediments of the Georgina Basin can be in the order of 100ppm Uranium. This should result in scintillometer readings of well over 100cps with readings around 200cps being entirely feasible. The lack of signal could be due to the lack of outcrop exposure as 1m of cover could completely attenuate any radiometric signals. In light of the results from the follow up soil sampling and the reports from various consultants indicated that there is limited prospectivity for phosphate, base metals and uranium, a decision has been made to relinquish the four tenements..
Date Added: 7-Mar-2014
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