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1982Bulk mineralogy, clay mineralogy, & total organic carbon of cores from BMR library. Bauhinia 4, Brunette Downs 1, Mulga 1, Huckitta 1, Ammaroo 1, McDills 1, Hale River 1, Mt Charlotte 1, Orange, Palm Valley 1, Tyler 1, Ooraminna 1, Alice 1, East Mereenie 1, West Waterhouse 1, Highway Anticline 1-CSR01211 file
2011Thomas 1, Poeppels Corner 1 & Beachcomber 1 Sampling and Geochemical Analyses-CSR01931 file
1987Pyrolysis data on samples from wells drilled in the Pedirka Basin. McDills 1, Hale River 1, Mokari 1, Purn 1, Witcherie 1-CSR01011 file
1982Rock Evaluation Pyrolysis. A petroleum geochemical evaluation of selected samples from ten wells. Erldunda 1, Lucy Creek 1, Huckitta, Ammaroo 1, BMR 13, BMR Huckitta 1, BMR Huckitta 6, BMR Huckitta 7, BMR Elkedra 5, BMR Hay River 10-CSR01361 file
2017Analysis on samples from McDills 1-CSR05071 file
1982Bulk mineralogy, clay mineralogy, and total organic carbon of cores from BMR library-CSR05271 file
1988Trace elements from Alice-1, Ayers-2, E.Mereenie-1, Erldunda-1, Hale River-1, Hermansburg-41, Highway Anticline-1, Illogwa Ck-6, Mt Liebig-2, McDills-1, Mt Charlotte-1, Orange-1, Ooraminna-1, Palm Valley-1, Rodinga-4, West Waterhouse-1 in the Amadeus Basin-CSR05301 file
1987Pyrolysis on samples from the Toolebuc Formation, Eromanga Basin QLD-CSR05291 file
1977Hale River No. 1 mineral analysis-CSR05251 file
1978Palynological examination on Hale River No. 1-CSR05261 file