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2020Exploring for the Future: integrated geoscience supporting exploration and discovery in the under cover Tennant Creek - Mount Isa region--HackneyAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Lantern Project update - evolution of the understanding of the mineralisation--GreenbergerAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Exploring for the Future: discovering the Barkly region with new regional seismic data--HensonAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Jervois project - an update--MorganAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Rediscovering Woolwonga--WardAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Geoscience information systems and services: 2019 and 2020--TRogersAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020New Re-Os age constraints on the timing of tungsten and copper mineralisation in the Warramunga Province--McGloinAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Ediacaran stratigraphic correlations in the western Amadeus Basin, central Australia--VerdelAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020New U-Pb geochronology for the South Nicholson region and implications for stratigraphic correlations--CarsonAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020New geophysical and remote sensed data in the Northern Territory: 2019--DhuAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020The Teena Zn-Pb deposit: enlightening the Carpentaria SHMS model--HaywardAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Tanami Region: reprocessing, interpretation and modelling of newly acquired and legacy geophysical data--BlaikieAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Geophysical exploration techniques used in the Tennant Creek mineral field and Rover field--McCoyAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Definition of the Beetaloo Sub-basin--thumbnail.jpg1 file
2020Shale geochemistry as an exploration tool in northern Australia: a comparison of the South Nicholson Basin and Lawn Hill Platform to the greater McArthur Basin--JarrettAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020The Territory's year in review: record mineral production, a gold-driven exploration resurgence, and shale gas drilling resumption--ScrimgeourAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020We get rocked down but we get up again: learnings from Kyalla 117 N2-1--BeinAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Stimulating exploration through new geoscience under the 'Resourcing the Territory' initiative--CloseAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020The Tennant Creek mineral field and Rover fields: Many similarities but some important differences--HustonAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020The Rover project--SavageAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020The Rover Mineral Field Deposit Atlas--ValentaAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Geology and evolution of the Dukas structure, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory--MenpesAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020North Australian bauxite deposits: a comparison of Gove and Weipa--GRogersAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Geochemistry and age of the greater McArthur Basin: base line geochemical studies and implications for basin-hosted mineral systems--ChampionAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
2020Incorporating prospectivity analysis to target new gold deposits in the Tanami Region--EkinsAGES2020_paper.pdf.jpg1 file
Results 1-25 of 27 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).