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2023Top End basins excursion guide. Central Australian Basins Symposium IV (CABS IV), Darwin, August 27-28, 2022-NTGS Record 2023-004NTGSRec2023-004.pdf.jpg1 file
2020HyLogger drillhole report for TDD04, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0098NTGS_HDP0098.pdf.jpg1 file
2020HyLogger drillhole report for MDD003, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0093NTGS_HDP0093.pdf.jpg1 file
2020HyLogger drillhole report for SKDH05, Skyfall prospect, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0092NTGS_HDP0092.pdf.jpg1 file
1999Landsat 7 : NT Scene 104/68-104/69- 105/69 mosaic--thumbnail.jpg 
2019HyLogger drillhole report for STDH03, Stromberg prospect, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0073NTGS_HDP0073.pdf.jpg1 file
2018HyLogger drillhole report for TCDD002, 'Tractor Corner' prospect, Pine Creek Orogen, Northern Territory-HDP0067NTGS_HDP0067.pdf.jpg1 file
1972Diamond drilling, Maranboy tinfield, 1970-1971-GS1972-0041 file
2007Phosphate testing of waterbores and diamond drillcore in the Georgina, Wiso and Daly basins, Northern Territory-NTGS Record file
2016Daly Basin : gravity survey--thumbnail.jpg2 files
1999Rum Jungle : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Rum_Jungle_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2002Buchanan : magnetics and radiometrics survey--Buchanan_Mag_Rad_Logistics_Report.pdf.jpg4 files
2000Mary River : magnetics and radiometrics files
1979Daly : magnetics and radiometrics file
1981Litchfield North : magnetics and radiometrics survey--thumbnail.jpg3 files
1992Jinduckin : magnetics and radiometrics file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/71 (20/08/99) file
1999Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/69-106/69 file
2000Landsat 7 : NT Scene 105/70 (21/07/00) file
1999Landsat 7 : NT Scene 104/69-105/69 file
1962Pine Creek, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
2023Rock property dataset of the Northern files
1969Larrimah, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
2014Petroleum geology and potential of the onshore Northern Territory, 2014-NTGS Report 22NTGSRep22.pdf.jpg1 file
2010Litchfield South special: interpreted geology, Northern Territory--LitchfieldSthSpecialInterpGeol250k.pdf.jpg2 files
1972Fergusson River, Northern Territory : sheet SD5212--FergussonRvrGeol250k.pdf.jpg3 files
1972Delamere, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
2003Rum Jungle Mineral Field, Northern Territory : interpreted geology--RumJungleInterpGeol100k.pdf.jpg2 files
1987Daly River, Northern Territory : sheet 5070--DalyRvrGeol100k.pdf.jpg2 files
1990Cambrian palaeontology of the Daly Basin-NTGS Report 7NTGSRep7.pdf.jpg1 file
1987Greenwood, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--GreenwoodExplan100k.pdf.jpg1 file
1987Daly River, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--DalyRiverExplan100k.pdf.jpg1 file
1969Larrimah, Northern Territory : sheet SD5313--LarrimahGeol250k.pdf.jpg3 files
2011Pine Creek, Northern Territory : sheet SD5208--PineCkGeol250k.pdf.jpg4 files
1990Tipperary, Northern Territory : sheet 5170--TipperaryGeol100k.pdf.jpg2 files
2014Delamere, Northern Territory : sheet SD5216--DelamereGeol250k.pdf.jpg3 files
2013Geology and mineral resources of the Northern Territory-NTGS Special Publication 5thumbnail.jpg1 file
1987Rum Jungle Uranium Field, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
1989Edith River Region, Northern Territory--EdithRvrGeol100k.pdf.jpg1 file
1986Anson, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--AnsonExplan100k.pdf.jpg1 file
1989Reynolds River, Northern Territory : sheet 5071--ReynoldsRvrGeol100k.pdf.jpg2 files
1993Pine Creek, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--PineCreekExplan250kMet.pdf.jpg1 file
1984Rum Jungle Uranium Field, Northern Territory--1 file
1994Katherine, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--KatherineExplan250k.pdf.jpg1 file
1993Pine Creek metallogenic map, Northern Territory : sheet SD5208--thumbnail.jpg1 file
1994Katherine, Northern Territory : sheet SD5309--KatherineGeol250k.pdf.jpg3 files
1989Reynolds River, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--ReynoldsRiverExplan100k.pdf.jpg1 file
2010Litchfield North special: interpreted geology, Northern Territory--LitchfieldNthSpecialInterpGeol250k.pdf.jpg2 files
1990Tipperary, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--TipperaryExplan100k.pdf.jpg1 file
1972Fergusson River, Northern Territory : explanatory notes--thumbnail.jpg 
Results 1-50 of 52 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).