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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2022Palm Valley 8 Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2022-W0155 files
2021West Mereenie 2 Log DataUnited Canso Oil and GasPR2021-W0215 files
2021Wallara 1 Log DataIndigo OilPR2021-W0204 files
2021East Mereenie 3 Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2021-W0184 files
20211985 Wallara Ranch Seismic Survey - Digital DataSydney OilPR0070-G0023 files
2020East Mereenie 1 Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2020-W0078 files
2020Gosses Bluff 1 Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2020-W0081 file
2020Mt Winter 2A Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2020-W0103 files
2020Dingo 4 Log DataMagellan PetroleumPR2020-W0097 files
2019Dukas 1/Dukas 1 ST1 Basic Well Completion ReportSantos; Frontier Oil and GasPR2020-W00211 files