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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2009Alice 1 Reprocessed LogsMagellan PetroleumPR2009-02284 files
2007Mount Kitty PSTM Seismic Interpretation ReportsSantos; Central PetroleumPR2011-00022 files
2008East Mereenie 2, Static Gradient Survey Reports and Gauge DataMagellan PetroleumPR2011-01617 files
2007Amadeus - Pedirka 2D Seismic Survey: Digital DataCentral Petroleum; SantosPR0007-00013 files
2007EM40, Zone Isolation Test Daily Reports and Gauge DataSantosPR2007-01211 file
2008East Mereenie 30 Well LogsMoonie Oil; Transoil; Petromin; International Oil Proprietary; Magellan Petroleum; United Oil and Gas; Canso Resources; Farmout DrillersPR1992-01747 files
2008EM40, Zone Isolation Test Data, InLine LET Well Test Report and Sample AnalysesSantosPR2008-00924 files
2007EM21, Pressure Build up Survey Reports and Gauge DataThe Moonie Oil Company; Flinders Petroleum; Magellan PetroleumPR2007-01105 files
2000West Mereenie 15 Well Completion ReportSantos Group; Magellan Petroleum; United Oil and GasPR2000-00753 files
2004Palm Valley - 11ST Well Completion ReportMagellan PetroleumPR2004-00573 files