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YearTitleTitle Holder/CompanyReport idPreviewDownload
2008Broadmere 1 Reprocessed LogsAmoco Australia Petroleum; Kennecott ExplorationPR2008-00664 files
2008Broughton 1 Reprocessed LogsPacific Oil and GasPR1988-01374 files
2007Shenandoah 1 Well Completion Report DataSweetpeaPR2007-00826 files
2008McManus 1 Reprocessed LogsPacific Oil and GasPR1989-01704 files
2008Weaber 2A Reprocessed LogsSantos AustraliaPR2008-00643 files
2008Walton 2 Reprocessed LogsPacific Oil and GasPR1989-01714 files
2009Interim Geological Well Report Shenandoah-1A (Re-entry and Deepening of Shenandoah-1) EP98 Beetaloo Basin Northern Territory AustraliaFalcon Oil & Gas Australia; SweetpeaPR2010-005011 files
2009Blamore-1 Well Completion Report: Basic DataCentral PetroleumPR2009-022514 files
2008Friendship 1 Reprocessed LogsPacific Oil and GasPR1988-01384 files
2008Lawrence 1 Reprocessed LogsPacific Oil and GasPR1988-01364 files